Fighting with the Poor, 10 Months Course
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Period 1 - Another Kind of School

Learn about Another Kind of School, DRH Pedagogy and the DI Concept

Period 2 - The World of People and Politics

Historical Materialism digging into the driving forces of development in the world today, gaining an understanding between  rich and poor. Studying the project country(ies)

Period 3 - Humana People to People

Learn about the history and philosophy of Humana People to People, whilst getting to understand the goals of the  different project types

Period 4 - The Fight of The Poor

Getting closer to the fight of the poor through investigating and meeting the poor in the area around the school and through meeting some experts on the poor.

Period 5 - Zooming in on Open Future

Zooming in on Open Future with studies about eco-literacy whilst making an action that has a positive impact on a group of people

Period 6 - Now We Know, Now We Understand, Now We Take Action

Finalising plans for Bringing It to The Public and completing project skills to be ready for the project period with HPP

Period X - The Big Event

Take part in one of the common highlights of your period or a big event organised by your school

Period 8 - Conclusion and Bringing It to The Public

Putting the experience of working and living with the poor in a bigger perspective through reflections, discussions and the concept of Open Future, while, as part of the same process, creating the message about the poor, qualifying it and showing it to the public.