Fighting with the Poor, 10 Months Course
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L10P1: Another Kind of School

This first week will lay important foundations for the programme by starting out with in-depth learning about Another Kind of School, DRH Pedagogy and the DI Concept, with the DI Trio Book of Preparations introduced as a learning tool. The Core Groups are organized in Trios by picking lots whilst getting introduced to areas of running the school, and with great appetite taking their part. Experiencing common life at the school.


L10P2: The World of People and Politics

The Core Groups are introduced to Historical Materialism and dig into the driving forces of development in the world today, gaining a thorough understanding about the growing gap between rich and poor by putting up questions and statements – then studying and debating to find answers. The Core Groups investigate the history, politics, economy and human conditions of the country(ies) in which they will carry out the Humana project period.

L10P3: Humana People to People

The Core Groups are presented to the history and work of Humana People to People, along with the available positions for the Humana project period. Trios are formed. Communication with the Project Leaders start.


L10P4: The Fight of The Poor

The Core Groups learns important hard-hitting facts about the conditions of the poor throughout history and in today’s world, sharing insights and discoveries with each other whilst continuing to envisage their role in the activities of Humana People to People in the project country(ies). Action is on the agenda in this period through (1) preparing and carrying out a 3 day biking/hitch hiking investigation to meet the poor in the area around the school, and (2) through a 4 day action that adds quality to the life at the school. 

The Core Groups then use their experience from this period to prepare and plan the action for the Period 5.


L10P5: Zooming in on Open Future

In this period the Core Groups study about the risks that our way of life today presents to our planet and people of the future along with the consequences in the form of the environmental rift that threatens all life on the planet. The Core Groups get to grips with the human, natural and material resources and potentials that humankind has at its disposal. During this period the Core Groups use 5 days to make an action that has a positive impact on a group of people.

L10P6: Now We Know, Now We Understand, Now We Take Action

The Core Groups have had an array of input during the programme and has deepened their understanding about our contemporary world the conditions of the poor and how Humana People to People is organised to fight shoulder to shoulder with The Poor. These last two weeks will be used for the Trios to finalise detailed plans for Bringing It to the Pubic, to complete the project skills training required for the Humana project period, and to show the Project Leader they are ready for action.

L10PX: Common or local highlight

The Core Groups will join one of the highlights of their period by either taking part in a 1-week preparation Camp to organise a big event with other DI’s, DNS’ers and Climate Activists, or to take part in a special event at the school.  The outcome of this week-long highlight will be to experience the collective approach further.

This period will be placed at different times in the programme dependent upon when the common or local highlight takes place.


L10P9: Conclusion and Bringing It to The Public

Back at the DRH school, the Core Groups find the best ways to spread the vision of CREATING CHANGE. The message about The Poor is brought to people with creative methods to show that Fighting with The Poor is possible, is needed and is happening right now. Decisions about Open Future are laid out and worked with.