12 month Pedagogy for Change at Lindersvold in Denmark

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L12 - Subject 1: Eco-literacy

Within this subject, you study natural science; the risks that our way of life today presents to our planet and people of the future and important facts about global warming and climate change. You also learn how industrial agriculture directly destroys people, the environment and the climate and how the practice directly contributes to global warming and climate change. You gain a basic understanding of these vital matters so that you can take actions towards a sustainable life that offers a brighter future for the next generations.

L12 - Subject 2: Zooming In On Open Future

Within this subject, building on your experiences and new knowledge, you study and understand the concept of Open Future by looking into the systems of closed future through the history of mankind, exploring the concept of alienation and it’s consequences and explaining how the pedagogical approach you have practiced leads to Open Future. 

L12 - Subject 3: Europe Legacy

In this subject, you will learn to fully embrace the concept of "Learn to travel, travel to learn" through planning and carrying out an investigation around Europe. During this trip, you will dig deep into the development of Europe in the past and contemporary world, its economic, political and cultural role in other parts of the world. Understand how it influenced - and is still influencing - divisions in regards to class, gender and race and how such divisions impact upon the economic disparities you will observe.  

L12 - Optional: Project Preparation

This subject is made for the students who have finished the 12 month program and are going to a development project. It contains tasks where they can learn about the project, what development means and what it takes to work in community development and information about Humana People to People projects. 

L12 - Subject 5 - People's Exams and Midway Reports

Within this subject, you will get introduced on the concept of people's exam and train as a team to bring your political take and other matters important to you to the general public. You can also find resources to get ready for your public performances. 

You will also find the documentation to make your quarterly midway report. These are occasions where you can reflect on your experience and understanding of the program, and think about what to do next. This as a team and as an individual level. 

L12 - Subject S7a - Experiences (per period)

In this section, you will find the experiences you have to write for each period.