In this category we will learn how to use Moodle to build our online DmM. Moodle can at first seem quite complex but that is mostly down to the vast number of options available for nearly any senario.

We will in this course focus on the most important knowledge you need to acquire as a course developer, teacher and student.

This category consist of several courses. Some of them will focus on the students, some on the teacher and course developers.

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M1 - The Teacher: Welcome to Moodle. A Short Introduction

Welcome to this Moodle  Introduction Course for Teachers using Karuny's E-learning platform. You will learn how to login via Web version, Mobile version and Desktop version. We will go through the user interface and learn where you find the different elements and how you use them. There are 10 tasks in this course. All task are has a self assessment, so you do not need to send of any task to a teacher to get your point

M2 - Creating a new course and enrollment process

Creating a course is quite straight forward.  Normally you create a category, then you add the courses within that category. You set up the basic setting for each course and enroll the students and teachers

In this course we will go through the process of creating a course and enroll the students and teachers so its ready for the students to start studying

M3 - Creating a task and available options

Within a course you have a group of tasks. In DmM the tasks are divided into Studies, Courses and Experiences. Moodle has a lot of  possibilities when it comes to create a task. There are several ways to present the material and the assignments within the task. In this course we will earn some of the many options available for the course  creator and teachers when it comes to creating the most suited task for the subject presented.