In front of you are 5 months of studies and action, learning theory and practice—followed by 6 months service at a development project in Zambia, and concluding with 1 month of Bringing it to the public.

  • 5 months of studies, training and preparation at CICD in England.

  •  6 months in action with your Trio at a development project in Africa (Mozambique)

  •  1 month follow up, conclusion and presentations.

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C12-OLD-P1: Another kind of school

1st month – Introduction, Getting into the programme, Planning 

In this first month you will be able to get more in touch with the starting of the programme.

With your teacher and your team, you will go through the programme and plan your actions and studies. Making plans and following them is a must in the programme.

C12-OLD-P2: The world of people and politics

2nd Month- The world of people and Africa today

During this month you will start to get an understanding of what Africa is and why are you going as a development instructor to Mozambique. You will also be facing the problems that capitalism causes to our world and the consequences that this concept has in Africa and here. 

C12-OLD-P3: The fight of the poor

3rd Month – HPP Projects and trios

During this month you will get more in touch with the concrete project where you will be designed to go. Here the contact with the project will be more intensive and concrete.

C12-OLD-P4: Zooming in on the future

4th Month – Politics in Africa/Solidary Humanism

During this month you will get an understanding of different cultures in Africa continent, their traditions, their customs, their way to live, the economic and political situation and their international relations.

C12-OLD-P5: Now we know, now we understand, now we take action

5th Month- Getting ready for the new challenge

Here you will be using a book called “Where There Is No Doctor”, a book that will give you plenty of knowledge to have in some situations that you might face in your project. You will study it and make presentations for the rest of the team about it.

You will start to get ready by organising visas for your project period in Africa, by organising the bureaucracy and getting the last vaccinations and get started on malaria prevention.