In this period you will learn about climate science.....

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RC-P1S1 - What is Climate and how is it changing

Here you will find study and course materials about what climate is, weather patterns, seasonal changes, winds, ocean currents, glaciers and more...

RC-P1S2 - What causes Climate Change

Natural and Human activities causes Global Warming and Climate Change, we take a closer look at Carbon on the move, The Greenhouse gasses and the manmade causes of Climate Change. 

RC-P1S3 - How GWCC effects the natural world and human societies

Let's study and discuss about sea level rise, water security, coral bleaching, the IPCC report, hurricanes and flash floods. 

RC-P1S4 - Fighting to protect our planet and our future

People all over the world are taking up the fight to protect our planet. We take a look at solutions from the Drawdown website, the solution in the soil right under our feet and climate movements and activists. 

RC-P1S5 - Experiences in this period

Some experiences are suggested and available here in the study portal, you can also invent your own experiences, which are also elaborated in writing and treated or commented by the teacher. Experiences let the students into an abundance of impressions, feelings, experiments and new knowledge. Conclude in writing or in other ways.