Climate Activist UK - 3 month programme

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C3-P1: Climate Sustainability and the Climate Crisis

These first two weeks will give an introduction about Another Kind of School, DRH Pedagogy, an historical back ground and reasons for the climate crisis and how people are trying to create alternatives and awareness of the necessity for big changes

C3-P2: Planet Protection

This period gives an overview about the 9 planetary bounderies, the ecological Rift and the importance of bio-diversity and the rewilding of nature.

C3-P3: Regional effects of Climate Change and Global Warming

The team will be introduce to the regional effects of climate change and global warming in UK, specifically in Hull and East Yorkshire and about flood risks

C3-P4: The industrialised food production - a major contributor to Global Warming

In this period the team will understand the role of industrial farming and the problem with the meat production. The period gives also an introduction to the principles of organic farming and permaculture and an investigation about Global food insecurity and local food insecurity in UK.

C3-P5: The soil and the science of making it fertile

In this period the team will learn about microbes, fungi, composting and mulching and how to carry out 3 soil improvement projects in the walled garden

C3-P6: Energy production and carbon emissions

The team will study the sustainable energy sources and how much they produce in different countries and in UK. The core group will have debate about nuclear power and during the week will visit a windmill factory in Hull.

C3-P7: Energy production for the future

The team will visit the West Newton planned fracking site and interview te local protectors. The core group will also investigate about sustainable energy for CICD.